You made such a difference in my life

You made such a difference in my life

“You made such a difference in my life."

“You made such a difference in my life. I want to see what you have been doing since my last class.”

One does not receive messages like this every day. These words really made my day. When a former student reaches out just to say “hello and thank you again”, months after our last tutoring session, my heart overflows with gratitude.

Gratitude to God for giving the chance to touch this lady’s life and help her family have a better life style due to her better employment;

and gratitude to her for remembering me. I prepared her for her pre-employment test. One would expect that after the initial euphoria she would forget about the stress she passed through (we passed through it together:), and would just enjoy the result of her success.

But she said she looks back and now she loves what she sees. “You changed my attitude towards studying in general.”

What do you respond to it with?

Everything important has been already said - during the lesson.

That’s the best part of teaching for me.

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